Are your children learning THIS?

If not, we prepare Thinkers (Ages: 9-18) with modern technologies, sustainable living practices and engage in a self-directed learning journey facilitated by teachers and Thought Leaders.


The Tools we provide Thinkers:

We challenge Thinkers to design ideas and launch them while integrating modern technologies and subjects.

Internet of Things

Robotics, Electronics, Coding, and Artificial Intelligence.

Sustainable Living

High-Tech Farming, Sport & Exercise, Yoga & Meditation. 

Web 3.0

Virtual Reality, Crypto & NFTs, Augmented Reality & Gaming.


3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC Routing, Form Molding. 

Meet our Thinkers:

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This is it.

"You're here because you want more for your child than another mainstream school."

Shannon Mattinson - Parent
3D Design Short Course

Connecting Passionate People. Where #ThinkersPlay.

“Thinkers (Ages: 9-18) direct their own learning journey in partnership with their family, Thought Leaders, Facilitators and themselves.”

So what next? Discover our international community on Discord, if you believe this is for you as a student, teacher, parent or someone just snooping, Join Discord.

Who we work with:

An answer to your questions:

Should Thinkers wish to pursue careers or further studies that require a Matric certificate, we suggest they join our traditional model in partnership with Cambri Learn. We have created our own accreditation based on global skills needed for the modern working environment and creator economy. 

We encourage students from 7-15 years of age. On consultation we may accept 16-18 years of age. 

We match Thinkers with Thought Leaders, to act as mentors and guides for projects, challenges and anything a Thinker wants to share. It’s an opportunity to discuss things without Mom or Dad. 😉

Our model of education is simple, every individual thinks and feels relatively. We want to offer an environment that builds on Thinkers imaginations and creativity. 

Please feel free to WhatsApp us with the little link on the bottom right. 

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

~90million views, on TED Talks and YouTube.

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures rather than undermines creativity. Our founder and CEO was inspired by this video in 2012. 

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