About Us

About Us

Small enough for dreams that still matter.

Introducing new ways of learning for our youth that help them innovate sustainable thinking and tech skills.

Thinkers writing on glass.

What is Thought Africa?

Thought Leaders

Register to become a Thought Leader and sell your specialised knowledge through live and pre-recorded courses and get paid doing so. 


Human intelligence is diverse, we think relatively and we believe students need the autonomy to explore their passion and creativity. 

We provide equal access to Become a Thinker to underprivileged students with our offline educational activities. Find out more.

WhatsApp Chatbot

When we realised that thousands of kids did not have access to quality education, we decided to step up and create a solution.

Our Team

Meet the Team

A team built on remote work with a personal touch.

Joel Kaplan

Joel Kaplan

CEO and Co-Founder

Our crazy visionary connected to all things techy and great at Googling things! From spending most of his time trying to avoid the classroom in school, Joel has found himself right back in the hot seat of round tables, which are actually square, within education.

Matthew Schiff

Matthew Schiff

Operations Officer

With his experience from working in 3 startups, hosting his own podcast, and discipline to sit for long periods of time, Matt has played an integral role in reinforcing this vision. Matt is great with spreadsheets, project management and public relations. 


Zahrah Price

CSR Manager

Zahrah has 12 years of experience in running her own private practice. She connects well with children and their families. She provides strong leadership at work. She is the C.S.R. Liaison at Thought Africa. Zahrah assists with the development and build of the ThinkersBot.

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