While poverty and disadvantaged children are not foreign knowledge to us, we have once again failed to act with radicle solutions to start preparing the youth for the 4IR. The current turmoil has resulted in innovation, thinking out the box and has created an even bigger awareness for Thought Africa, to find and implement a solution.  

When recently being let down by a corporate, to deliver only 1000 Educare Packs, we took it upon ourselves to build an extension of what we launched to the homeschooling network in South Africa. Thought Africa was born out of the sheer desire to see the African continent have its own technological boom! While we believe we are already in the 5th Industrial Revolution, globally, Africa still has a little catching up to do. 

Our main goal is to curate and share open-source content and resources, to develop the thinking skills that are needed to innovate, and rather encourage our youth to create rather than consume. 

Our activities are never specific to a subject or outcomes, we are firm believers in providing the thinking questions to children and let them explore their passions, imagination and fundamentally things that interest them. At the end of the day, we all have very relative thinking abilities.

Thought Africa is acting as the conduit for the children of Africa to find their passion and creativity! Our Thinkers write their own story.

Joel Kaplan

Author Joel Kaplan

Joel Kaplan is the Founder of Thought Africa. He believes in providing children with environments that support a spirit of encouragement and a logical ‘eagle-like’ brain state, where kids can start to project their minds into the future and think from a more solution-based and sustainable living perspective.

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