SASL Online Meeting with June. 25 March.?

June takes the online class through what Thinkers can expect from this SASL course.

Week 1: Having a Conversation?

Learn about communication basics when talking to Deaf people.

Week 2: Fingerspelling?

Learn the SASL alphabet and how to fingerspell clearly. This includes fingerspelling your name and new words.

Week 3: Pronouns and Greetings?

Learn about pronouns in SASL and how to use them. You will also learn how to greet people and introduce yourself in SASL.

Greetings Video Homework?

Try record yourself doing this greetings homework.

Week 4: Family and Relationships, and Disabilities?

Learn how to describe your family and relationships in SASL. Also learn about the correct signs for different disabilities.

Week 5: Questions?

Learn how to ask and answer questions in SASL - this section covers more grammatical lessons.

Week 6: Adjectives, Verbs and Opposites?

Learn how to describe actions, what you are doing and the opposites in SASL.

Week 7: Numbers, Months of the Year, Technology?

Learn to express numbers and the months of the year in SASL. We know you love technology, so learn how to sign "laptop", "Google", "Facebook" and more.

Week 8: Time, Dates, Days of the Week and Seasons?

Learn how to express the time and date in SASL, and the seasons.

Week 9: Shapes and Colours?

Learn how to describe shapes and colours in SASL.

Week 10: Animals?

Learn the signs for animals, birds and insects.

Week 11: Weather?

Learn how to describe the weather in SASL.

Week 12: Transport?

Learn to sign the different transport modes in SASL.

Week 13: Countries and Provinces?

Learn how to sign the names of different countries around the world, and the provinces of South Africa.
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