A Thought Africa Initiative | care@thought.africa

An initiative providing education in Africa.

Poverty and disadvantaged children is not foreign knowledge to us. 

A radical solution to give access to thinking skills to be future-ready.

How many children don’t

have access to

quality education?

The stats are alarming. We’d like to do something about this, with your help.

The current turmoil has created an even bigger awareness for Thought Africa to find and implement a solution. But we need your help.

There is such a small percentage of parents in South Africa who have the privilege of being able to use technology to search for activities to keep their kids busy. This EduCare Backpack not only gives hope but educates and helps these kids to think differently during this uncertain time.

Thembiso MagajanaInclusion Activist | Co-founder Social Coding | Top 50 Women in ICT Winner 2019

Big love to the below humans & businesses who helped make this possible:

Founder, Social Coding

Thembiso Magajana

Founder, Tshala Foundation

Tshego Dludla

Founder, Evolve School

Karen Walstra

Founder, Africa Point Group

Jolanta Ksiezniak

How can I keep track of this campaign?

Our Thought Africa support team will be sending out consistent updates via our social media channels and our newsletter, as well as through public media directly. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to email: care@thought.africa

Do you have permission to operate during lockdown?

Yes we do. You’re welcome to download our ‘permission to operate during lockdown’ certificate here.

Who is Thought Africa and why should we trust them with our sponsorship?

Thought Africa is currently a private company in South Africa and has recently registered an NPO. You can read more about our business here.

Should you want to chat directly to us please feel free to contact our founder, Joel Kaplan on joel@thought.africa.

What's inside the EduCare Backpack?

  1. I am Safe & Healthy Book of Knowledge: COVID-19Download PDF
  2. My Thinking PassportDownload PDF
  3. Thinking CardDownload PDF
  4. Hygiene, Stationery & DIY Projects as per detail below:
DIY Projects
50ml Dettol hand sanitizer Booklets Seeds
Tooth Brush + Paste Exam Pad Tape
Soap Kokis Elastic Bands 
Sanitary Pads Ruler Paper Clips 

How much does it cost and how do I donate?

The EduCare Backpack + items inside + operational costs = R600 per child. All financial details will be updated here as the project progresses.

Why a backpack and not a cheaper drawstring bag?

We have opted to go for a backpack for 3 simple reasons:

  • It’s an empowering asset – “Now you have a backpack – imagine the possibilities!” It is personal to every individual. We all have our own work / school bag that contains our most important tools to support the growth of our careers, innovate and help build a greater future for ourselves. These children deserve that too.
  • Longevity – a backpack is durable and will last them for years to come, protect their most personal possessions, school books & other items on long walks or rainy days.
  • 100% locally manufactured – the backpack we have chosen is put together by South African hands. They have also sponsored us their factory to prepare and distribute from.