Providing equal access to quality education.

On the on-set of the global pandemic, when thousands of students could not continue their education Thought Africa’s on-and-offline educational resources ensured they could.

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We are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and some argue the 5th. Our vision is to educate the youth of Africa with the skills required to navigate their future.

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EduCare is for students who do not have access to quality education. We provide on and offline educational resources through EduCare Packs. Our EduCare Packs consist of intentionally designed educational activities for students to be students and to introduce sustainable thinking, and tech skills based on real-world application. It’s about creating a safe space for students to explore their passion and creativity.

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When we realised that thousands of kids did not have access to quality education, we decided to step up and create a solution. We asked ourselves three questions: (1) How do we provide value, (2) convenience and (3) support to those who need it most? 


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Before the year is up, we’d like to have made a difference to AT LEAST these 3,000 students across South Africa. We source, pack and deliver these EduCare packs ourselves and use local suppliers and volunteers to help do so. For us, it’s in the name. Thought Africa is in our DNA.

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