What even is 4IR? Breaking down the buzz words.


4IR, STEM, STEAM, STREAM - What does this all really mean?

We have some news for you… this 4th Industrial Revolution has already moved into the 5th. The 5th Industrial Revolution is a combination of the humanities and technologies, the culmination of it all! That’s why STEM turned into STEAM and now it’s STREAM! There are a lot of ‘buzz’ words in education, and most people segregate those into different subjects. However it’s actually the combination of them all. For example, at Thought Africa we’re using Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Maths all within our Thinking Club, but without having to separate it into different subjects.

How will joining the #ThinkersPlay platform help my child think differently?

For us, it’s not necessarily about the robotics or coding or cool tech, but it’s the way in which we give children opportunities to explore their creativity. So as an example, we use coding to address computational thinking – how to give and receive an instruction, but that could also be done with pieces of wood and wood glue. So we aim to get that kind of thinking process in place from as young as possible.

What is Sustainable Tech and how does it get incorporated?

For us the sustainable component is extremely important. How do you produce your own food at home? And how can you use technology to monitor that food growth? These things are possible through your phone or an app and it can sound like madness to some who are unfamiliar with this technology, but we have 9 year olds doing it! We need to start becoming more conscious as people that are contributing to society.

What needs to happen in South African schools to start bringing our children up to this 4th Industrial Revolution level of thinking?

While we’re busy waiting for the government to sign a bill or for anything to actually change, the world is moving forward and already has ten fold. So at Thought Africa we essentially reposition the question and rather ask:
What are we doing at home, as parents to prepare our children for the 4th Industrial Revolution? And of course, that’s where our #ThinkersPlay platform comes in.

Can Thought Africa build a tech lab for our school?

Of course we can! To date, we have built 45+ tech labs throughout South Africa and Africa. We can help guide your school all the way from inception to launch. Tech labs are great for engaging the students with 4th Industrial Revolution technologies like 3D printers, mBots and electronics, as well as sustainable living practices. 

What impact will Robotics play in the world of work of the future?

Massive – we cannot even begin to imagine and that’s why we’re so passionate about nurturing young imaginations! However, we also believe that we need to put a lot more emphasis on the arts and the creative side of things. The only thing AI and technology will never replace is the creative human potential.