A school for Thinkers to pitch up, exchange value and learn.

Where #ThinkersPlay

“Our vision is to educate the youth of Africa, by introducing Thinkers to Thought Leaders. We encourage practical-based education and use new ways of learning for our Thinkers that help them innovate sustainable thinking and tech skills.” 

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Thought Africa Hybrid School

An online learning platform connecting Thinkers to Thought Leaders. Where #ThinkersPlay

Thought Leaders

Live and pre-recorded modules presented by Thought Leaders.

Become a Thinker

Enquiring young people exploring their creativity with practical based education.

#ThinkersPlay Challenges

We host challenges and give away prizes to creative Thinkers.

WhatsApp Education

Providing accessible education powered by WhatsApp. 

~90million views, on TED Talks and YouTube.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures rather than undermines creativity. Our founder and CEO was inspired by this video in 2012. 

Practical Based Learning Modules:

3D Design + Printing
Raspberry Pi
Artificial Intelligence
Creator Economy
Story Telling
Sustainable Living
Recycling & Upcycling
Global Impact
Mycelium Development

NOT a traditional school, rather a *Hybrid School.

*Hybrid, adjective: of mixed character; composed of different elements. Both virtual & in-person, offering practical-based education plus the option for traditional schooling subjects. 

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Makerspace Tools:

How do we plan on educating the youth of Africa?




EduCare is for students who do not have access to quality education. We provide on and offline educational resources through EduCare Packs. It’s not about Model-C students or Township students. In fact, it’s not even about students who are in school or not. Our EduCare Packs consist of intentionally designed educational activities for Thinkers to learn and to introduce sustainable thinking and tech skills based on real-world application. It’s about creating a safe space for Thinkers to explore their passion and creativity.

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