Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge.

The challenge is to select a Sustainable Development Goal, and create a product or solution to assist in achieving this global goal. Thinkers register, participate and submit to stand a chance to win. 

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Thinkers writing on glass.
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Makerthon = MAKER +  MARATHON, where a huge number of “Thinkers” meet online to face real-world challenges by searching for new ideas, solutions, products, and services. 

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Prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize

Full Scholarship to IVA Global Online School for 2022. Check out there website here.

2nd Prize

A laptop sponsored by Mustek Limited.

3rd Prize

Raspberry Pi 3B Kit

How to participate in the Makerthon?

You can register for the Makerthon challenge, giving you access to participate. 

When Thinkers participate, they get access to the following: 

  1. Makerthon Online Course. 
  2. #ThinkersPlay Challenge Brief.
  3. Understanding of the UN 17 SDGs.
  4. How to use the Design Process.
  5. Weekly Online Calls (August – September)
  6. And finally, submit your solution. 

Makerthon Online Call Calendar:


Some of our more frequently asked questions:

We are open to all ages however our core focus are students between 9-16. Older participants, are not eligible to win the Full Scholarship but can win the laptop or Raspberry Pi. 

  1. Access to Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge Course. 
  2. Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge Brief.
  3. Understanding of the UN 17 SDGs and a design process. 
  4. Up to x10 – 1hr Online Classes.
  5. Certificate of Completion 

We are running the challenge from the 26 July – 22 September. 

When we select the chosen winners, we ask the following questions and rate them out of 5. Did the Thinker understand the #ThinkersPlay Challenge? How practical would it be to implement the proposed solution? How original is the idea? How well was the solution communicated? How difficult would the solution be to implement? 

In any order you wish. We encourage you to use TikTok or Instagram to submit your #ThinkersPlay Challenge presentation and tag @thoughtafrica and use the #ThinkersPlay. If you would like to keep yourself off public record, please email

Examples of previous submissions:

Thinkers writing on glass.
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Thought Africa 3D Printing
Thinker Building Robot
Thinker using robot
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