Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Course


Stand a chance to win a Full Scholarship to IVA Global Online School for 2022, and runner up prizes for grabs. Design, prototype and build solution/s, with the motivation to solve global challenges. 



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Participants will become part of a community using the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, where Thinkers come up with solutions to solve global challenges. 

What’s inside the Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge Course? 

  1. Thinkers receive access to the Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge Course. 
  2. Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge Brief 
  3. Understanding of the UN 17 SDGs and a design process. 
  4. Up to x10 – 1hr Online Classes.
  5. Certificate of Completion  

To Enter: 

  1. Join the Makerthon #ThinkersPlay Challenge Course. 
  2. Participate in up to x10 Online Classes.
  3. Submit your #ThinkersPlay Challenge to stand a chance to win. 


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