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Kids to be kids

It’s not about private, model C or “township” kids. It’s about creating a platform and a safe space for kids to play. We invite you to join our initiative.

Madiba EduCare Project

This Mandela Day, 18 July 2020, we aim to get 670 EduCare packs into the hands of kids and families.

For every sponsorship, we will print your name [or alias] onto our workbooks so the beneficiaries receiving their EduCare packs can see the Thinkers Community who helped make those packs possible.

No matter how big or small – every contribution counts

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19.7 million South African school children are currently not in school. While a small portion is privileged enough to have resources at their disposal, 16 million don’t. That’s why we are working together along with some strategic partners to deploy these EduCare packs to areas across South Africa.

Do you know a kid (7-17 years old) that could join the #ThinkersPlay EduCare Challenge?

What’s inside the EduCare Pack?

What else is inside the bag?

Hygiene Stationery DIY Projects
50ml Dettol hand sanitiser Booklets Seeds
Tooth Brush + Paste Exam Pad Tape
Sanitary Pads Kokis Elastic Bands
Ruler Paper Clips

100% of your donation will be spent on this initiative.