Learn 3D Design (June Challenge)


What to expect? 

  • Upon signup, an email will be sent with your 3D Design Course. (Sneak peek)
  • Real-life problem solving to create solutions using your imagination. 
  • Submit your ideas for the #ThinkersPlay 3D Design Challenge and…


What would you need? A laptop / computer / tablet and an internet connection. (You do not need a 3D printer.)

The 3D Design Online Course is for children 9 years and older. 

What’s a Tech Lab? Enough technology equipment to start your own creative space (MakerSpace).

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Learn 3D Design Online:

From the comfort of your home and by flexing those creative thinking skills, this 3D Design Course has been created to refine your way of thinking about a future we can’t yet predict.

And watch your ideas come to life:

The art of 3D Design allows us to use our imagination, construct a product and watch it come to life. Creating real-life products which we are passionate about, to help achieve a Global Goal has proven time and again, that no matter how small, every voice and every action can make a difference.

With the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals:

By identifying 1 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this will create the structure for where you get to show off your creative ideas and launch them to life.

Stand a Chance to WIN:

With your challenge submission, you stand a chance to win R10,000 worth of MakerSpace equipment for your home.

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