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By way of introduction, my name is Joel and I founded Thought Africa, the entire entity has not just been built by me, but a collective of Thought Leaders who share common beliefs and values.

To give you some context: We have been working in the education space, alongside private schools, government schools, home-schools, international schools, and companies like Google. We act as service providers to design, build and implement curriculums, practical learning projects, and learning environments eg: tech labs. 
We are launching a modern school that stills gives students the opportunity to complete their matric certificate with a focus on practical education solving globals goals and actually equipping them with practical skills to navigate their future. Times are changing, and we adapt to these changes.

For some visual context, meet Cuba one of our original Thinkers.

Our vision is big, we want to shape a new world by giving all of Africa’s children access to great Thought Leaders. We introduce new ways of learning for our youth that help them innovate sustainable thinking and tech skills.
At your convenience, please schedule a 15min introductory call so we can understand you as parents with how you believe your children should be educated. It’s a light discussion so we can get on the same page. 🙂 

I look forward to hearing from you.  

P.s We believe in equal access to education that’s why we launched Educare, to ensure students of all backgrounds could access quality education. Meet the next president of South Africa.

With kind regards,

Joel Kaplan and Thought Africa Team.

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