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Join our #ThinkersPlay Grow Challenge and watch your child’s imagination come to life

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Once signed up, you’ll be able to join our exclusive community of Early Thinkers and participate in weekly open discussions.

What to expect?

  • R10,000.00 worth of prizes to be won!
  • FREE challenge entry guaranteed to keep your kids busy (+9 years)
  • Weekly support calls (Tuesdays & Thursdays) until the end of September
  • Access to the exclusive community of Early Thinkers
  • Early bird discounts to the NEW Thinkers Platform
  • #ThinkersPlay Grow Challenge deadline: 8PM, 29 Septmeber 2020
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Imagination shapes reality.

The #ThinkersPlay Grow Challenge invites Thinkers to explore our DIY activities, online discussions, and much more. Plus the challenge is free!

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“I like the Thought stuff, because it is really fun, you can build things, like the parachute man."

Kaiage 10, Johannesburg

"I think this is an amazing initiative - well done and keep up your inspirational outlook - love it!"

AntoinetteParent, Cape Town.

Noah is really enjoying the challenges etc.
And we really value the idea of connecting privileged thinkers with less privileged thinkers. Not only is it vital as a society, but also as a parent it’s such an important lesson I want my kids to really understand and recognise from as young as possible, so thank you for the opportunity.

Talya ResselParent, Cape Town.

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What's inside the EduCare pack?

  1. My Thinking PassportDownload PDF
DIY Projects
50ml Dettol hand sanitizer Booklets Seeds
Tooth Brush + Paste Exam Pad Tape
Sanitary Pads Kokis Elastic Bands 
Ruler Paper Clips 

How much does it cost and where can I sponsor?

The EduCare pack + items inside + operational costs = R200 per child. All financial details will be updated here as the project progresses.

Why the EduCare Pack?

We came to realise that we were failing to connect “privileged” Thinkers with not so privileged Thinkers. In short, we provide a pack of goodies to kids in underprivileged areas. Our EduCare pack connects our new Thinkers to WhatsApp. (0842226924) Once we are connected, Thinkers are incentivised to complete additional #ThinkersPlay Challenges to earn DATA and WIN monthly prizes.

How can I keep track of this campaign?

Our Thought Africa support team will be sending out consistent updates via our social media channels and our newsletter, as well as through public media directly. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to email:

Who is Thought Africa and why should we trust them with our sponsorship?

Thought Africa is currently a private company in South Africa and has recently registered an NPO. You can read more about our business here.

Should you want to chat directly to us please feel free to contact our founder, Joel Kaplan on